Taxi Rider's Bill of Rights

The City of Los Angeles has instituted a program to insure that all taxi riders are provided with the highest quality service. Please read this document and understand your rights as a taxi rider. You will also be responsible to behave in a civil manner and to obey all laws and traffic regulations.

As a rider of taxi service in Los Angeles, you are entitled to the following:

1. A taxi driver that speaks and understands English.

2. A taxi driver that is knowledgeable of major destinations and is able to take you to your destination in the quickest time and by the shortest route.

3. A ride in a taxicab that is in safe working order and with operating heating and air conditioning.

4. A taxi driver who practices good hygiene, does not smoke in his cab and is polite and respectful of his customers.

5. To be charged an accurate fare for the distance and time of your trip, including any approved surcharge based upon the City of Los Angeles’ designated taxi rates which appear on the inside of every licensed taxicab.

6. To offer complaints or commendations by calling the City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation at 1-800-501-0999.

7. To a taxi that arrives at the pickup point within a reasonable amount of time after an order has been placed.

8. To request a receipt.

9. To see your driver’s name and permit number.

10. For persons with disabilities: to ride in a wheelchair accessible taxi and/or be accompanied by a service animal, if requested.

11. To pay for trip using Cityride scrip (using up to 12 scrip per person) or major credit card ($7.00 minimum).

Your taxi driver also has rights that you should respect, including the following:

1. Behave in a civil manner.

2. Refrain from smoking, drinking or eating food inside a taxicab.

3. Do not distract or otherwise prevent the taxi driver from focusing on driving the cab.

4. Board the cab only from the curb or right side of the cab, or the wheelchair accessible ramp.

5. Pay the fare posted on the meter and any applicable surcharge when you have reached your destination. Should you dispute the fare, you should take the taxi driver’s name, cab number, the name of the taxi company and report your dispute to the City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation at 1-800-501-0999.

6. A driver may request a deposit up to the estimated amount of the fare in advance.

7. Wear your seat belt.

Thank you for using taxi service in Los Angeles–Enjoy Your Ride!