Welcome from Tom Drischler, Los Angeles Taxicab Administrator

Photo of Tom DrischlerTaxi services are an essential part of the transportation system for the City of Los Angeles. Each day the men and women of the Los Angeles taxi industry carry thousands of Angelenos and visitors around our great city. The nine companies franchised by the City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) operate more than 2300 taxicabs, all of which are licensed and regulated to insure your safety and security.

The Board of Taxi Commissioners, appointed by the Mayor and City Council, provides this department with direction for the regulation, oversight and enforcement of public for-hire vehicles in the City of Los Angeles. In addition to processing license applications and administering taxi driver examinations, LADOT also enforces taxi regulations to ensure compliance with the City’s rules and regulations.

Among our most important enforcement roles is the elimination of bandit taxicabs from the streets of Los Angeles. Unlicensed taxicabs that do not bear the Seal of the City of Los Angeles have no legal authority to operate in the city. There is no restitution to you as a rider if you are overcharged or receive poor service when you ride in a bandit taxicab. Often these unlicensed vehicles carry no insurance. Be safe and sure when you choose a taxi in Los Angeles--always look for a vehicle with the official seal of the City of Los Angeles. Taxicabs bearing this seal are insured, operated by trained drivers and offer you the highest quality taxi service!

This new website is another commitment by the Board of Taxi Commissioners and LADOT to provide the public with the information it needs to use taxi services in Los Angeles. I invite you to browse through our website and learn more about taxi service in Los Angeles. Get to know your rights as a rider and learn how you can communicate directly with LADOT.